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Established in 1969, the Braves Club is the fundraising organization for Bradley University Athletics. The Club supplements the operating budgets of all 15 teams and sponsors numerous social functions surrounding Braves athletic events. Along with this task comes the opportunity to promote the image of Bradley Athletics.

Braves Club fundraising activities have given the Department of Athletics flexibility to expand and improve the academic services offered to student-athletes. This body also plays a major role in supporting the Student-Athlete Affairs program, which is designed to enhance the overall development of each student-athlete from orientation to graduation. 

Sound recruiting budgets, improved facilities and top-notch academic services to student-athletes are the primary focus of the Braves Club. Through their support of the Braves Club, Bradley fans are assisting in the growth of a competitive athletics program built on a solid academic foundation.

For any questions, concerns or up-to-date information, please contact the Braves Club Office at 309-677-2667 or via email at